Posted on Oct 31, 2017
When you commit to becoming a writer, your life changes in ways you don't expect.
Posted on Jul 8, 2017
You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream, how you gonna have a dream come true?
Posted on Jul 8, 2017
Let me tell you about the Hysterical Fiction Tour. An epic journey that could’ve been disastrous if my fellow authors weren’t so much fun
Posted on Jun 10, 2017
I’ve been asking other, more experienced, authors: does it get any easier? Mostly I got back a grim look and a response along the lines of ‘Every novel is its own special version of hell’
Posted on Jan 2, 2017
Every Chinese child knows stories about Foxes who take the shape of beautiful women and trick men into marriage. Such interpretations don’t give the Fox enough credit for its place in Chinese history, legend, and literature.
Posted on Dec 12, 2016
Let's talk about anachronisms. Those verbal ones, inappropriate words that break the spell for the reader, either consciously or subconsciously.
Posted on Dec 3, 2016
Based on a true and little-known incident during Pearl Harbor when a Japanese fighter crashed on Niihau, a private island. The premise is riveting, the story is compelling and mythic. It’s history told as psychological drama.
Posted on Nov 22, 2016
Actress-turned-novelist Barbara Kyle on why stories are about people and what's the quality in a manuscript that makes her think 'this is going to get published'.
Posted on Nov 17, 2016
The weeks before your book lands on store shelves is a time for nail-biting. A new website is a good distraction! Hope you enjoy exploring.
Posted on May 18, 2016
Novel #2 DRAGON SPRINGS ROAD is now in the hands of the copy editor. For those of you who have followed this writing journey, you’ll know that when the writing is over, the business of writing begins.
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