A Dream Come True: the Bestsellers List

Posted on Jul 8, 2017

My dream came true. And a lot sooner than expected. I figured, third or fifth book, I might crack that Globe and Mail bestseller list.

I am just going to offer a couple of the lyrics to 'Happy Talk', which is a song from the musical South Pacific.

You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?



Shannon Beshara wrote:
August 3, 2017

Hello, Ms. Chang!

I read Dragon Springs Road last week, and I can't stop thinking about it! It was the dream library pick. I just grabbed it on a whim, and it is so fantastic! I can't get over it. I have Three Souls on hold at our library, but I am wondering if you could recommend other novels that I could look into? Thank you very much for sharing your amazing story.

Shannon Beshara

Janie wrote:
August 7, 2017

Hello Shannon - If you've been waiting a while for a reply, my apologies. My website contact forms and email don't seem to connect as well as they should.


Going on the assumption that you want more historical fiction or fantasy set in China, I have to say that Elsa Hart has written two detective novels set in ancient China and they are so beautifully written. They are JADE DRAGON MOUNTAIN and THE WHITE MIRROR.


For a change of pace I've really enjoyed THE ALICE NETWORK by Kate Quinn and I've just finished THE WITCHES OF NEW YORK by Ami McKay.


I wish I had time to read more for pleasure, but these days I'm mostly reading memoirs and history, doing research for my third novel. Thanks for getting in touch. Maybe one of those books will resonate with you. -- Janie

John MacMillan wrote:
September 17, 2017

I'm a 77 year old man, and this was a delightful magical story; it brought out the child that still lives within. How beautiful!Fox and Jialing are wonderful characters.


Janie wrote:
October 10, 2017

Dear John:

Thank you for your kind words. You've made my day!


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